Al-Qaida Spokesperson Discusses His Media Strategy

Among the 6,000-plus pages of documents that were gathered during the operation that killed Osama bin Laden is a letter from al-Qaida spokesperson Adam Gadahn written in January 2011 in which he goes into a detailed assessment of American media outlets.

“As for the neutrality of CNN in English, it seems to be in cooperation with the government more than the others (except Fox News of course),” Gadahan writes to an unknown recipient. The letter was one of many released by the Combating Terrorism Center yesterday.

He goes on to say that MSNBC “may be” objective, but he’s bothered by the network’s decision to fire Keith Olbermann and Octavia Nasser for expressing their opinions; 60 Minutes has a good reputation; and ABC could be “one of the best channels” because it heavily promoted an interview with “the Shaykh.”

The letter continues:

“…We can say that there is no single channel that we could rely on for our messages. [They] may ignore them, and even the channel that broadcast them, probably it would distort them somehow. This is accomplished by bringing analysts and experts that would interpret its meaning in the way they want it to be. Or they may ignore the message and conduct a smearing of the individuals, to the end of the list of what you know about their cunning methods.”

“As for Fox News,” he added, “let her die in her anger.”

Wow. Also crazy how Al-Qaida was not just looking at how they’re being portrayed in the media, but assessing it in the same ways that PRs for companies and other groups do… except that part about dying in anger.

Separately but related, President Obama took a lot of heat this week from the Republicans (what else is new?) who accuse the President (repeatedly) of using an ad to “spike the football” over bin Laden. The ad is embedded below (via The Daily Beast). Do you see any football spiking?

[via Yahoo’s The Cutline. image: AP file photo]