Al-Monitor Relaunches

The Middle East-focused publication adds a culture section and is increasing its Washington coverage

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

The five-year-old Al-Monitor relaunches with a new look and expanded coverage areas.

“When I launched Al-Monitor five years ago, I wanted to create a media organization that would bridge the gap of information available to both those in the Middle East as well as those with a desire to better understand a region so rapidly changing,” wrote founder Jamal Daniel in a post introducing the new site.

“Now, with the relaunch of Al-Monitor it is my hope that we will be able to engage and introduce an even wider, international audience to the people, politics and culture of the Middle East,” he wrote.

To serve those ends, Al-Monitor is adding to its Washington coverage, with two new hires, congressional correspondent Bryant Harris and Pentagon correspondent Jack Detsch, joining a team comprised of Washington editor Julian Pecquet and diplomatic and White House correspondent Laura Rozen. Befitting a publication created to enrich Middle East coverage, much of that coverage will look to how Congress relates to the Middle East.

The site is also adding a culture section, which serves a dual purpose of covering the rich legacy of art, music, food and film in the Middle East, while also capturing an idea about the Middle East that transcends endless conflict. It is led by culture editor Nazlan Ertan.

The site will also expand its video and podcasting efforts after having launched its first podcast, Off the Hookah with Phil and Cooper, in April.

Al-Monitor is based in Washington and expands outward from there, with a global network of 160 contributors and stories available in five languages.