Al-Monitor and PBS Team Up For Mid-East Web Series

If you live any one of these states, you may think the biggest news story today involves piles of cold white stuff and the things we do to cope with said white stuff. However, there are still plenty of actual, terrible things happening in the world that you should probably know about.

Sorry to be a bummer, but it’s true.

One of those things is the ongoing tragedy in Syria. And tonight, Margaret Warner of PBS will be hosting a web show on the issue. In one of the more interesting news media collaborations of recent years, PBS is teaming up with Al-Monitor -the new, DC-based website focused on Middle East issues – to produce a series of web videos, dubbed “Trendlines,” about that troubled part of the world.

The first episode is called “Syria After Geneva 2” and will examine the prospects of ending the country’s civil war after a historic but largely unfruitful meeting of the Syrian government and opposition leaders. The program will be streamed on both organizations websites tonight at 7:00 PM, and will feature Al-Monitor columnists and writers from the region including Semih Idiz from Ankara, Daoud Kuttab from Amman, and Vitaly Naumkin from Moscow, as well as John Landis, professor at the University of Oklahoma. For more info on the series, go here.

Tune in! “House of Cards” doesn’t start till tomorrow, after all. And hey, you might even learn something.