Al Jazeera Tracking Tweets from Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain with Twitter Dashboard

Al Jazeera has introduced a Twitter dashboard to chart the news and tweets about the revolts in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and Bahrain. Mashable says the news organization is a little late to this game, but more importantly, it’s one more way that Al Jazeera is taking the lead in covering these uprisings.

To many, the news organization has established that it’s at the forefront of news from the region, and it’s working to grow the number of viewers with outreach here in the U.S. All news organizations are making heavy use of social media, and if Al Jazeera is going to take advantage of its “CNN moment,” that’s what it will have to do as well.

“I think Al Jazeera should capitalise on its new-found fame and new-found favour in the U.S.,” Ali Jaber, dean of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication at the American University of Dubai told The National. Al Jazeera has made a fan of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, a powerful ally to have in your corner. With social media, it can also gather support from millions of others.