Al Jazeera Begins Daily Video E-mail Alerts

Al Jazeera English has begun flagging some of its video story packages through a daily e-mail. The idea is to offer a “sample of AJE’s unique and alternate perspective on international news.”

“We actually just started them yesterday as part of our initiative to get our content out there,” said Sophia Qureshi, communications specialist for the Al Jazeera Network. “Because we have so much people might not see them. They are stories you might not see in mainstream America media. We’re sending them to media and people who have been supportive of Al Jazeera Media.”

Al Jazeera’s broadcast center in downtown Washington employs some 100 journalists.

Sample headlines from past few days:


France set to vote on face veil ban
(See the video here.)

Looters target Iraq antiquities
(See the video here.)

Kenyan women in fear
(See the video here.)