Aji Reader Lets You Read PDF Documents on Your iPhone or iPod touch

Aji Reader PDF 1.0
…is a 99 cent iPhone app that lets you view Adobe Acrobat PDF documents on an iPhone or iPod touch. You can see the GreyStripe report that I discussed yesterday in the screenshot above.

I ran into some rendering speed issues while viewing the GreyStripe and other sample PDF documents in Aji Reader. I sent Aji a note about this. They say that they heard similar reports but that this is not the norm. I’m going to send them some information to see if they can figure out why I have this speed issue. You can see in the screenshot above that my screen blanks out long enough for me to take screenshot while scrolling through a PDF document.

PDF files can be downloaded directly from the web using Aji Reader’s web browser component. However, this can be a hassle since you have to type in the exact URL string. Using a URL shortener like is.gd can make this a much less annoying task. However, the simplest way to bring PDF files into the iPhone or iPod touch is to download the free Aji Reader Service app to your desktop and have it sync with Aji Reader on the iPhone. Aji provides Aji Reader Service software that runs on either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. I tried the Mac OS X version. You can see its app window in the screenshot above. The download files can be found linked at…
Aji Reader
99 cents seems like a reasonable price for a handy utility (and free desktop component) if you need to review PDF documents on your iPhone.