Aisle Seat Books to Revive Forgotten Movies as eBooks

Have you ever read a novel which was based on a movie? How would you like to read one that is published long before the movie gets made? As odd as that might sound, Aisle Seat Books is planning to do just that.

This is a new imprint from GrayBooks, and it’s going to offer novelizations of the best  never used screenplays and movie scripts. Seven titles are currently in the works, with more planned in the future. The books will be priced at $10 in paper and $5 for eBooks, with lengths ranging from 100 to 160 pages.

Aisle Seat Books has any number of authors interested in working with it. No one likes to see their hard work languish forgotten, in a desk drawer. Gregg Ostrin, author of the new Aisle Seat Books fantasy The Middle World, said:. “It’s exciting to see a screenplay you’ve labored over find new life in this cool, cutting edge medium. When I was a kid, we used to read novelizations of movies. This is literally reading the movie itself. I think it’s a great way to bring entertainment and social media together in a way that can create a grass roots buzz about potential new projects.”

For more details, and to buy the eBooks, please visit the Aisle Seat Books website.