Airtel Launches Promotion Offering Facebook Free For 2 Months

Yesterday Airtel, an Indian mobile provider, announced that the company was launching a campaign to enable Facebook for free on their more than 130 million customers’ phones. Whether or not this is an attempt by the company to drive data usage within their network is unknown, however after the two months ends, the service will no longer be free to access.

This promotion shows the increasing popularity of Facebook in India, with more than 10.5 million people using the service in the country. While this is being positioned as a promotion by Airtel, with 130 million customers this is an even more significant promotion opportunity for Facebook, who’s looking to continuously drive traffic growth. Just last year, Airtel competitor Mobitel began running their own advertising campaign which touted Facebook support.
It was interesting to see a large mobile service provider pushing support for the still, relatively nascent social network (at least in terms of market saturation within India). While Facebook hasn’t publicly announced anything regarding the latest campaign, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Facebook played a major role in the new “free Facebook” campaign. We’ll have to wait a couple months to see how well the campaign performs, but it’s definitely a sign that Facebook is being promoted heavily abroad.