AirSnap: Taking Easier Group Photos With Two Phones

If there’s anything more popular than selfies, it’s group photos. I live in San Francisco so I get asked to snap them all the time for visiting tourists. Now, all I have to do is share this app: AirSnap from Camera Plus.

AirSnap is a new app – it advertises itself as a group selfie app, but it’s so much more. The app connects two devices via Bluetooth and uses one as a camera controller for the other – control the flash and focus, switch between front and rear cameras, and also get a preview of what you’ll get. Once you’re done, you can upload to Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The camera app also comes with a soft flash feature that will give your flash photos much better results along with a whole host of other options:

  • Camera Plus provides 3 focus modes – ‘Macro’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Far’ for bringing out true depth. Along with the ability to lock the focus, this allows for desired objects to be in the limelight.
  • ‘Lumy’ is a slider on the capture screen that analyzes ambient conditions and adjusts it so that captures turn out exposure-perfect – brighter, clearer and better!
  • Filters give photos that ‘X factor’. Let photos evoke true emotion by selecting the ones that represent different moods.
  •  Text Captions personalize your photos and literally bring out what you want to communicate with unique handpicked fonts and colors.
  • Pix’d automatically enhances any picture to make them stand out. With just one magical tap, Camera Plus uniquely analyzes for subjects like a landscape or even faces to intelligently change the color, lighting and tone.
  • Record videos instantly minus the hassle. Capture in 480p on your iPhone/iPod touch to let your captures shine.
  • Easily tweak your photos with options to change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Temperature. Also, perform additional edits like changing orientation, flipping it etc.
  • Locked Roll for those that value their treasured captures enough to lock it up. Store yours in a safe, cozy and personal space. We do provide the key of course! (In-app Purchase)


Via Techcrunch

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