AirPlay enables Mac-to-iPhone gaming through Game Center

Apple continues to bolster its lackluster Game Center for iOS with additional functionality, today announcing that its new AirPlay feature will enable OS X to iOS games.

As described during the WWDC keynote by Craig Federighi, vice president of Mac Software Engineering, AirPlay and Game Center together will support turn-based and head-to-head gaming between devices. Audiences received a demo of the technology on an Apple TV set top box with the game CSR Racing from Natural Motion, which is due out on iOS and Mac this summer. Federighi showed the audience how the game’s display on Apple TV was mirrored to another laptop on stage.

Federighi went on to say that Game Center currently has 130 million registered accounts and records 5 billion scores per week. We’ll have more as news of iOS 6 updates breaks in the coming minutes.

Image Credit: CNET