Airlines Now Want You to Instagram Your Flight

Instagram users: what’s a more obvious photo subject than your brunch, your baby, your half-drunk friends or the landscape near your house at sunset? Apparently the answer is “views from a plane”, because today Digiday tells us that two airlines saw a big marketing opportunity in new FAA regulations allowing for the use of portable devices throughout every flight.

Delta and JetBlue are both promoting the hashtag #below10Kfeet, the point being that pics taken below the clouds are a hell of a lot more interesting—and now you don’t have to wait until the plane hits the 10K mark to break out the iPhone.

Delta went more aggressive out of the gate, turning the tag into a contest in which the best photographer will win two first-class tickets to anywhere within the US. But we prefer JetBlue’s way of showing us why the development matters:

It’s true! But don’t you dare try to raise the price on window seats…

This is a great idea for a campaign, but we’re not sure how well it will work. Who would be lame enough to share a view of the ground taken from a commercial flight?

(In our defense, Beijing wasn’t as dull as it looks. We just suck at taking illegal pictures.)

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