Airlines Give Free Facebook Access In February

While airlines continue to get more creative about fees, Facebook access during flights will be free on at least seven major carriers during February.

While airlines continue to come up with more things to charge fees for, Facebook access during flights will be free on at least seven U.S. major carriers during February.

The promotion, a partnership between Gogo Inflight Internet and Ford Motor Company, focuses on bringing the social network to every passenger’s electronic device. So if during the next month you’re traveling on AirTran, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta , United Airlines, U.S. Airways or Virgin America this month, you’re in luck. Their wire networks are all powered by Gogo.

To take advantage of the promotion, you’ll have to wait until the plane has reached 10,000 feet, wen travelers are allowed to turn on personal electronic devices. Then you’ll select the Gogo wireless network, open a web browser, and click on the banner that says Ford and Facebook.

The service is available to users on all wifi-enabled devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. If you wish to browse the Internet beyond Facebook, you’ll have to pay the wi-fi service charge, which is around $5 for a short flight.

Facebook remains the number one most visited website during flights, so the promotion is a smart way to introduce or finally engage passengers to surf the web while in the air. By and large, people still refuse to pay a premium for Internet access during flights. Last November, Gogo partnered with Google Chrome to provide free wifi service through the holiday season on AirTran, Delta and Virgin America.

Uf you had to choose one complimentary entertainment service for your flight, would you rather have TV shows, one movie, or Facebook access?