Airey Gives Away Prizes for Links


We’re suckers for a good promotional idea and designer David Airey has a nice one up and running at full steam. Under the guise of celebrating his blog’s first birthday, but really just so people will link to him in droves, he’s giving away approximately $4,000 worth of prizes, from books to gift cards to even logo design. The way you enter? By linking to him in the specific way he’s spelled out on the site (we’re not doing it herein, thus trying to maintain an appearance of being the impartial news source you rely on). We’re sure David’s visitor log is burning up and we’re very happy for him. Our only trouble with the contest is that the grand prize is his creating a logo for the winner. But since it’s a blog about graphic design, wouldn’t most of his readers be designers already? And, if they run a company blog or have their own site with their portfolio included, wouldn’t they have already designed their own logos themselves, thus showing off their skills? So what’s David going to design for them?