Airborne Mobile to Stop Developing Games, Apps

Airborne_Mobile.jpgAirborne Mobile, a Montreal-based mobile content company whose tagline is “We provide the everything else you can do with mobile phones,” is now planning on providing less of it. The company confirmed to MocoNews that it will be restructuring; that includes a management buy-out, layoffs, and the elimination of some of its divisions.

In a statement, the company’s co-founders wrote that they have “orchestrated a management buyout from Cybird Holdings in Japan, and have regained full control over Airborne Mobile’s direction and destiny… That said, to ensure long-term viability and the creation of value to our shareholders and business partners, we have instituted a series of changes that while painful in the short-term, will serve to expand the Company’s focus on profitable product lines while maintaining its renowned creativity.”

Apparently what that means is the following: out of 100 employees, 27 get pink slips, and the company will no longer develop mobile games and applications. Instead, the report said that the company plans to work with carriers, providing ringtones, graphics and other content, including SMS and MMS services. They will also work with companies on their off-deck strategies, and “they’ll have some time to focus on future projects, which could include creating interactive experiences between people and their phones.”