Air Force Bans Access To The New York Times And Other WikiLeak-ed Sites

An AP report states the Air Force is restricting personnel from viewing The New York Times and other websites that posted material released by Wikileaks.  Air Force Major Toni Tones notes that over 25 media sites have been blocked on authorized computers, however the ban does not extend to personal computers.   Tones said these types of measures are not uncommon and were put into place by the 24th Air Force under the supervision of Major General Richard Webber — the man in charge of security and “cyberwarfare.”

While the Times is the only major American paper affected, other international titles have been blocked.  German newspaper Der Spiegel, Britain’s Guardian, and Le Monde in France all have been placed off limits.  The Times responded to the Air Force ban with a refreshingly honest display of disappoinment:

It is unfortunate that the U.S. Air Force has chosen not to allow its personnel access to information that virtually everyone else in the world can access.

First the House of Representatives gets blocked from Perez Hilton, and now this?  It has to make you wonder how government employees will ever get their gossip anymore.