Air America Prez: Conservative Radio Listeners Are ”Uneducable”


Air America President Mark Green appeared on PBS’ The Digital Age with James Goodale this week. They discussed, among other things, whether Air America was “too grim to win” against the successful conservative talk radio model. Green answered:

”We have to be entertaining and not just grim … right-wing radio can be entertaining. Rush Limbaugh, for example, has a kind of bombastic but funny presence. But they have a different kind of audience. Just like the right-wing political community or clergy based based … where a CEO or minister will order their flock to do something and when they’re kind of top down authoritarian — look at Bush.

”When Limbaugh says something –there are weapons of mass destruction, and any soldier who comes back to America and protests is a phony soldier — his ‘ditto heads (that’s what they’re called),’ say, ‘yes, sir, that’s right.’

”You saw how a super-majority of Fox listeners and conservative radio listeners believe there (are) still weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So they’re uneducable.”

”Air America listeners … Bill Clinton once said Democrats have to fall in love; Republicans fall in line. So our audiences are liberal, meaning someone who’s open-minded and don’t just listen to our hosts.”

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