AIGA/LA Fellows Launch Party at a Huge Architectural Playground


Wow. Last year, we thought that Sean Adams‘ designer-perfect midcentury modern wonderland was an unbeatable setting for AIGA/LA‘s annual Fellows launch party. But this year’s event, honoring Archie Boston (above), Michael Hodgson and Petrula Vrontikis (also above) was held in what we can only describe as a top-secret architectural landmark. Landmark in the sense that if you ask any architect or designer in the area, they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about; top-secret only because the owners don’t want any press so you probably haven’t come across it in the mags. (But it’s quite easy to find photos of it if you go looking on the right architect’s website.)


In such an inspired setting it was hard not to feel enlightened. Fellows April Greiman, Kim Baer, Keith Bright, Nan Faessler and InJu Sturgeon winded their way through the crowds. Last year’s Fellow recipient Adams was there, of course, with Fellow partner-in-crime Noreen Morioka. Hodgson, dressed head-to-toe in Paul Smith per usual (above), gave a gracious speech, as did Vrontikis, stunning in red and black (and matching the painting behind her). But it was Boston’s speech that warmed us to the core. After revealing that he was Vrontikis’ teacher at Cal State Long Beach and joking that it took her half the time to achieve what he had, Boston gave a heartfelt plug for the design community as evidence of a group of people who truly follow their dreams. Since he’s given us some pretty unique insight into that already with his just-released documentary, we couldn’t help but wonder about a sequel…how about 20 Outstanding Los Angeles Graphic Designers: The Next Generation?