AIG SVP Comm. Nick Ashooh Leaves for Alcoa

One can imagine that managing PR for American International Group (AIG) has been quite a challenge over the past year, as the company has been raked over the coals by the media for its role in last year’s financial meltdown and subsequent questionable management decisions.

Today, the company’s top PR executive announced he is moving on. Senior Vice President of Communications Nicholas Ashooh will join aluminum producer Alcoa on January 18, 2010 as Vice President, Corporate Affairs. Ashooh replaces John D. Bergen, who will now serve as Vice President, Human Resources.

The changes come after “last week’s resignation of AIG’s general counsel and vice chairman Anastasia Kelly, who had oversight of human resources and communications,” reports The Wall Street Journal. Ashooh’s role at AIG will be filled by Christina Pretto, “a former Citigroup Inc. executive who joined AIG’s communications department a year ago.”