aideRSS tames the RSS beast and help you manage what you read

aiderss_logo.gifGiven that the RSS is such a great tool for staying up to date and informed of various topics that interest you, it can also be such an annoying tool if not managed properly. There are thousands of great blogs and sites out there but it’s not every day that you get to read great posts from there. So, how do you filter those RSS feeds subscription to get only the most relevant, or to use a better statement – how do you reduce the RSS noise and make your RSS reading a pleasant and fruitful experience? – Through Aide RSS.
By its name alone, you can already find out what, AideRSS is all about. AideRSS is an intelligent assistant that:

  • Continuously monitors RSS feeds,
  • Filters the good stuff from the not so good ones
  • Ranks the feeds based on various criteria
  • And delivers the feeds ala carte to you

How does AideRSS works? By entering the URL of the feed that you would like to filter, AideRSS will track these feed and check around the web to gather information about it such as statistics and people’s reactions (i.e. comments). It will then assign PostRank scores to all the articles in the feed and gives you with various useful tools that you can use to sort and parse these feeds into good posts, great posts, best posts, or the top 20 posts. You can also aggregate your feeds in the My Feeds section to use AideRSS to help you manage, rank and sort your feeds.You can view your filtered RSS feeds through the AideRSS site or through your favourite feed reader such as Google Reader.


For a more detailed discussion about how AideRSS works, you may want to check out some useful ScreenCast that the AideRSS has prepared for you.

In addition to post ranking, AideRSS can also give you a graphical representation of the feeds you subscribed to. Through a small graph line, it gives you details about the feeds performance trends. That is whether it is increasing, decreasing or has been staying on the same level for quite some time now.

AideRSS is a free service and one can’t help but wonder how is it going to generate revenue from this service, or whether it has any intention of generating revenue at all. Or probably just waiting for some VC funding.

But then, it is still a great web application and a useful one at that.