AIA’s Architecture Billings Index Moves Up, Ever So Slightly

After last month’s unexpected and slightly painful fall, the American Institute of ArchitectsArchitecture Billings Index has now rebounded and is heading in a more positive direction, albeit very slightly. Though February’s dip only took the Index down to 50, meaning the industry average was having little if any growth (anything above 50 means growth in demand for architectural and building services), it perhaps lessened the blow a bit by at least not signaling another decline. Now the number is up less than a full point, up to just 50.6. That’s not to the 54.2 high it reached back in January, but anything moving upward is good at this point. Here’s a bit from the AIA’s ever rational realist, keeping it short this month:

“Overall demand for design services seems to be treading water over the last two months,” said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker. “We still expect the road to recovery to move at a slow, but steady pace.”