AIA Lobbies Congress for $100 Billion to Help Struggling Architecture Industry

Apparently when the American Institute of Architect‘s new president, Marvin Malecha, said that he was expecting the economic slowdown his industry was experience would turn around quickly, his plans also included some government money to help out. Such is the situation now, as the AIA has begun to lobby Congress for a $100 billion assistance package, broken into pieces to help with things like grants to help build schools, efficiency upgrades in state and local buildings, and other fixing-up-civic-outlets plans, all in the hopes of giving the architecture and construction industries a push back in the right direction (and more so than that tiny bump in December). Here’s a bit:

“The inability to get financing for construction projects is a key reason that business conditions continue to be so poor at design firms,” AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker said in a statement Wednesday. “It will be important to see what the proposed economic stimulus package includes that is geared towards the construction industry, and how quickly developers who have projects on hold can get them moving again.”