Ai Weiwei Undergoes Surgery for Cerebral Hemorrhage Possibly Connected to Government Beatings


Back in the middle of August, we reported that outspoken activist, designer, artist, and Beijing National Stadium co-designer, Ai Weiwei, had been detained by Chinese officials as he tried to attend the trial of Tan Zuoren, a fellow activist who was attempting to investigate why China’s much-reported earthquake of 2008 had been so deadline. There was talk that Weiwei had been beaten during his forced captivity, but nothing more than “roughed up.” However, it seems as though perhaps it was a bit more forceful, as Weiwei recently went into surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage, a serious head injury presumably associated with said beatings. Here’s a bit:

On Monday, Ai underwent a check-up at the hospital. Sources close to Ai told SPIEGEL on Tuesday that the surgery had gone smoothly. (The artist himself has since posted a photo of himself recovering via Twitter.) However, doctors have ordered the patient to remain in the hospital to recover for the next few days. If the suspicion that the injury was caused by blows to his head by police in August can be backed up with more evidence, Ai says he will consider taking legal action.