Ahrens On The Enron Trial

WaPo’s Frank Ahrens writes for the American Journalism Review that he believes there’s room in the world of journalism for traditionalists, as well as the more recent kids on the block, news bloggers.

Ahrens got a taste of doing both at the same time while covering the recent Enron trial in Houston for the Post, and suggests that the news blog, which he sees as a combination of news and opinion, is probably more interesting and less likely to cause readers to fall asleep while getting their dose of current events.

“It should be clear by now that personality is key to building a news audience, be it via print, Web, radio or video. I compare a news blogger to the character of the stage manager in ‘Our Town’: not a player in the drama, but indispensable to its telling. The casting of the role is critical; a boring stage manager will ruin the play.”