Ahmed Ahmed Seeks Intern–Great Opportunity for the Right Person


Comedian Ahmed Ahmed is looking for an intern. FBLA answered the ad, and Ahmed (makes 2nd reference so easy) spoke with us about the job.

I’m looking for someone to manage my emails, my calls, my bookings. I need someone to answer fan mail, delete hate mail, handle all the details. my sister used to do it, and she did a great job, but she’s too busy.

Ahmed himself is a busy guy–he’s going on tour soon. You can see the concert film of his
The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour air on Comedy Central on March 10th. He’s also in Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show – 30 cities & 30 nights- Hollywood to the Heartland.

Ahmed elaborated about the job:

This is perfect for some one who wants to get into management, production, booking….I need someone tactful, reliable, who returns calls promptly, I get calls from all over the world…

Looks like a great job for an organized go-getter. Ahmed’s a very cool, nice guy (at least on the phone) and that’s not so common in show biz. (He’s got great contacts, too.) Read more about him in an interview from the Dubai magazine What’s New?