Ah, the Joys of a Resistive Touch Screen: Cool Custom Stylus for Nokia N900

Video courtesy of Luovatone
I’m sure Nokia’s purpose in showing off the video above on their Nokia Conversations blog was to promote their N900 smartphone.
MyPaint for Nokia N900 | Strawberries | Tone’s Brush Set Version 2 (video)
But, the thing I zeroed in on was the stylus the artists uses in the video. What is it? Where can you get it? How does it work? Let’s work backwards through these questions:
How does it work? – Unlike the iPhone and most iPhone-wannabe phones, the N900 has a resistive screen instead of a capacitive one. In other words, it is like the Windows Mobile phones of old that needed a stylus. That’s why a stylus works so well in the video. It also means, iPhone and other capacitive screen phone owners can’t use the stylus.
Where can you get one? – You can’t buy it. You can, however make one yourself.
What is it? – The stylus is custom made using a Pilot Super Grip 0.5 Mechanical Pen and a Wacom Plastic Nib.

You can find the artist’s Flickr page about the stylus at: