Agreeing to Agree

Jack Shafer takes a look at Fox News’ “The Journal Editorial Report” and calls it “the worst show.”

The show features writers and editors from the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page (and their website) discussing the week’s big events and news items. The problem, according to Shafer, is that a.) they all agree with each other and b.) they work with each other every day and so they already know what each other is going to say.

It may be that even Fox News knows of the show’s mediocrity, having scheduled it to run at 11pm Saturday night and 6am Sunday morning.

“[T]his 30-minute bucket of lumpy gravy congeals long before its first commercial break. Unless Gigot and company inject some debate or genuine edification into The Journal Editorial Report–and quick–I predict its next stop will be Sunday, 5 a.m., on the Golf Channel, just before the repeat of Playing Lessons From the Pros.”

The Journal’s editorial page–agree with it or not–is consistently interesting and thought-provoking (and enormously well-read). Why can’t the show be the same?