Now Showing: Aggregated Places Checkin Feed Stories

When multiple friends separately check in to a Place, users may now see an aggregated Places checkin story in their news feed. Users will see one friend’s full checkin complete with name, those tagged, Place, optional description, timestamp, comments and Likes, then all that data except the Place the checkins have in common for each additional friend.

This new story makes users aware of locations that are trending amongst their network, and lets them see different perspectives on the Place as well as who’s checkin gets the most Likes or interesting comments.

The ordering of friends in the aggregated story is not chronologically based on the time of the checkins, but appears to order friends by who you interact with the most. Aggregated checkin stories are not comprehensive, and may leave out some friends who also checked in to the same Place at roughly the same time. Users can click the comment button or speech bubble icon to unfold the aggregated story and see comments on the clicked checkin.

The news feed is the only way users can view past checkins of friends to different Places on the standard Facebook web interface. Users can see current checkins via the Happening Now section of the events home page, view checkins to a single location on Places pages, or get detailed data on current and past checkins using the PlacePop app, but the news feed is still the primary way users learn of checkins on the web interface.

Aggregating stories helps Facebook prevent the news feeds of users from being cluttered with similar stories. This is especially important for Places since not all countries or mobile devices have access, and those without access are more susceptible to feelings of ill will towards Facebook for flaunting the feature. Aggegated checkin stories also benefit users as they make it very apparent that something interesting is happening at a Place, and they may want to go explore.

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