Agents Wary About Enhanced eBooks

The upcoming iPad debut and David Baldacci’s unveiling of his “enriched” eBook–featuring extra material such as video of the author at work in his office–has got people talking about this new category of eBooks–people are making comparisons between enhanced eBooks and DVDs packed with extras. AOL’s Daily Finance takes a look at the enhanced eBook category from the perspective of agents, who are nervous about publishers trying to claim that rights to make enhanced eBooks come with regular eBook rights.

Here’s an excerpt: “An enhanced e-book, United Agents’s Jim Gill told The Bookseller, ‘seems to us an all-encompassing category that some publishers are seeking to throw a rope around at the moment, potentially covering anything from incidental music with an e-book edition or author interviews, right out to highly designed and produced iPhone applications.’ His agency, Gill said, would ‘no sooner naturally sell those rights to a book publisher than we’d sell them film rights.'”

These kinds of rights issues are sure to come up more and more as iPad and other devices make eBooks with “extras” more common, if not standard.