Agency Owner To Whitney Port: “You’ll Give Up Your Life”


Aw, man. Those girls in the Hills just have it so hard! Like ’em or not, they’re back tonight, as new episodes of the “reality” show begin airing on MTV. The Times’ Ginia Bellefante has a preview up, and wait a sec, it looks like someone already went on a job interview?

By showing one short job interview Whitney has with the owner of a fashion-publicity company called People’s Revolution, “The Hills” captures the delusional self-seriousness of the fashion business better than any episode of “Project Runway.” “You’ll give up your life,” the owner tells her.

Well then, get ready Whitney. Also, you know People’s Revolution is one of those super hip agencies. How so, you ask? Well, they have a website that just lists their address and contact info, nothing else.