Agency Fires Employee for Falling While Drunk

A not-so-sure-footed man earned some media attention on Monday for this incident, in which he slipped and fell off the upper deck at a Buffalo Bills game and landed on a fan in the section below (they’re both OK now).

It was the sort of “funny ’cause it’s not me” moment that we Internet layabouts seem to love so much.

Yesterday, however, it got serious when reports revealed that the overly excited fan was also a creative director at Eric Mower and Associates, a New York-based ad/PR/marketing agency—and that the accident had cost him his job.

This news came after the Bills officially banned him from attending home games. The official Executive or Erie County, which leases the stadium to the team, even made a statement, raising the question “what IS an official Executive?”

Unlike the commenters on the Facebook post above—many of whom had clearly never heard of the agency before this story “blew up”—we won’t speculate on internal staffing decisions.

This is more a lesson in how quickly isolated incidents can go viral and how their influence can spread to affect the lives of many people while everyone else has a laugh.

It’s discouraging, but it can’t be as bad as sticking with the Bills for the last ten seasons.

(H/T to Daily Intelligencer)

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