Continues to Embarrass Themselves


Are you sure you want to know more about’s Subway pitch? Because according to them, just by continuing to read this post, you’re playing right into their little viral whiz hands. With their YouTube video topping 72,000 views, has started a blog which tells us exactly how much they rule in a painfully self-pleasuring the-more-you-know speech:


We are ad men and women in New York City and we’re tired. Tired of explaining who we are with PowerPoint slides. Tired of creating flash demos showcasing our “beliefs” and “core competencies.” So, when Subway called us with a Request for Information and the option of submitting a video, we snapped. We decided to put it all out there and show them what we actually are: Bad actors. Lousy haircuts. Good agency.

And then the comments started pouring in:
“Attention ad agencies. Don’t DON’T. DO NOT DO THIS.”
“Wow. This is bad, real bad, in every conceivable way..”
“Spot on, man. Spot on. One fist bump to you.”

They couldn’t stop talking about it. Passing it around to friends. Making fun of our bad haircuts. Filming their own parodies. Photoshoping us into monkeys. (And that has been only the last 24hrs!) Which is exactly what the Internet is all about. And it’s why you’re looking at right now.

Enough talking about what is viral. We’ve had that conversation. Let’s just say we wanted to prove how we could reach our target audience at the lowest possible cost. That audience was the ad industry, and the cost was nothing. You do the math.

See you in the corner office.

Enough talking about what is viral, but we are pretty sure by nature of the word ‘viral’ itself, it does not include an explanation.

Bad writers. Bad spellers (“Photoshoping”?). Bad idea. Lousy haircuts. You do the math.