Afternoon Snack: Artist Sets Obama Painting to Music

Can’t get enough of President Obama?

Then Tyler Streeter, an artist who created an oil painting of Obama, has just the meditative musical art for you. Based in Hermosa Beach, Calif., Streeter is indeed an Obama supporter.  He tells us he painted Obama’s portrait in reaction to all the complaining (mostly from the right) that the President hasn’t done enough in four years, and that he should have done more to turn around the economy.

“The fact is, Obama doesn’t get enough credit for keeping our country from falling further down the cliff of the Bush administration,” the artist explained to FBDC. “It’s ridiculous to argue that he hasn’t done enough and that’s why I titled the my painting ‘Time’.  Obama needs more ‘Time’ to fully turn around the mess he was given and in ‘Time’ even his most ardent critics will realize what a positive effect he’s having on our country.  He’s not Superman, he’s Clark Kent.”

On his website Streeter quotes Robert Henri, “The subject can be as it may, beautiful or ugly. The beauty of a work of art is in the work itself.”

Seriously, it’s worth watching.