Afternoon Roundup, 03.09.07

  • “Give him a headstart Scamp, he’s got a deep vein thrombosis” and “As a flock of ducks disappears into the distance, Mike Huckabee comes to the painful realization that he’s as likely to bag some game today as he is to win the Republican nomination” are neck and neck in the caption contest.

  • Ed2010 tells us that “Campaigns & Elections magazine is looking for undergraduate students who are studying journalism or political science (best if both) to intern. The ideal candidates should have experience at a print publication, a strong interest in politics, completed at least two years of college coursework, a GPA of 3.0 or higher and experience in an office setting. Please submit cover letter, resume and writing samples to Theodora Blanchfield,, with “Internship” as the subject line.

  • A reader just has to share, regarding this: “I’d just like to submit this not-so-secret tip: Ms. Wodele is the most enchanting and amazing-looking woman I’ve seen in my entire life. Thank you. I had to tell somebody. Sort of defeat’s C-SPAN’s whole “the-focus-should-not-be-on-our-boring-hosts-but-on-the-issues-at-hand” routine. But that’s okay — she’s also got a highly attractive print-reporter humility about her. Which just makes me pay more attention to her, while forgetting her guests.”

  • Tapped reports that the Congressional Black Caucus Institute may be pairing up with Fox News for other primary debates and that it could be announced later this week.