Afternoon Reading List 10.30.13

MSNBC tops CNN in October: The October Nielsen ratings are in, and MSNBC has finished second, behind Fox news, for the month. Huzzah! All three of the major networks (CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News) are showing drastic decreases in their numbers compared to this time last year. This is most likely due to the 2012 election and the start of Hurricane Sandy coverage that dominated all three major news networks.

Why you should read it: The two pictures at the top of the piece are of a happy Rachel Maddow and a sad Anderson Cooper. They look like the Comedy and Tragedy masks! Read more here.

The Ragin’ Cajun rips D.C. journalism: Yesterday evening, James Carville contributed an opinion piece to The Hill. His opinion? Well, he said that the D.C. journalism class’s coverage of the government shutdown made him “want to stick a fork in (his) eye.” Ouch. Carville blames the media for not clearly articulating that the shutdown did have a winner and a loser by comparing it to sports. Specifically, he cites the Broncos beating the Redskins this past Sunday, likening the Broncos to the Democrats and the Redskins to the Republicans.

Why you should read it: Carville is stompin’ mad at the media, and the analogy he uses with the football game is pretty clever and spot on. Read more here.

Which Hollywood celeb isn’t a fan of the Tea Party?

Sean Penn is at it again: This morning, TruthRevolt posted Sean Penn‘s recent appearance on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN. A few highlights of the clip are of Penn stating that he believes the members of the Tea Party are mentally ill, that Senator Ted Cruz should be committed, and that the antics of the movement are just cries for help. And Penn should know about cries for help. Crying for help is like a hobby of his. Instead of building model airplanes or knitting, Penn throws tantrums, praises Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and probably some yoga.

Why you should read/watch it: Penn is an actor and an activist with opinions and views that shouldn’t be dismissed until after you listen to them. Read more here.