Afternoon Reading List 11.4.13

The Simpsons takes digs at the Media: According to Jack Mirkinson from HuffPost, last night, as “The Simpsons” rounds the bases on its 24th season, it also took several jabs at all the big media outlets. CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times were all subject to lampooning, the bulk of which was reserved for Fox News. Rachel Maddow was also given an extended guest spot on the show.

Why you should read it: See how in “The Simpsons” universe, they use technology to deal with bipartisanship. Read more here.

Media misreports LAX shooting, still a win: Erik Wemple posted his appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with David Folkenflik on his WaPo blog. In that appearance, Wemple called the reporting of the LAX shooter a “win” for the media and a huge improvement from the breaking news reporting of Navy Yard and Newtown. Given, the media still misreports breaking news whenever it can. Now it’s just slightly better misreporting going on.

Why you should read it: See what NBC News still misreported, and see what hoax the Toronto Globe and Mail fell for and reported as actual news. Read more here.

Who was always skeptical of Obama’s “Keep Your Plan” promise?

Chuck Todd always skeptical of Obama’s promise: This morning, John Nolte of Breitbart criticized Chuck Todd, after his appearance on “Morning Joe” today, as well as the rest of the media for burying their heads in the sand and not calling ‘bullshit’ on Obama when he made the claim that anyone who liked their healthcare plan could keep their healthcare plan. Especially since Todd claimed that he thought it was a strange presumption to make.

Why you should read it: Todd is basically admitting fault for thinking something was wrong with Obama’s claim, and then not reporting on it. Read more here.

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