Afternoon Reading List 02.10.11

*Faux Twitter Fever: The NYT‘s Ashley Parker gives us a healthy dose of Fake Twitter today. And she’s right on target. Talk of accounts such as @DCJourno and @FakeJimVandeHei are being discussed at length on the cocktail journo circuit. The real Politico Exec Editor Jim VandeHei suggests to Parker that the faker could be Editor-in-Chief John Harris, who might finally have an outlet for all that angst about him. It appears VandeHei was joking. Wonder what @FakeJimVandeHei thinks about all this? Mr. Faker declined an interview with FishbowlDC. Read here.

*Need cheering up? This dark advice column from The Daily Caller/The Weekly Standard‘s Matt Labash this week should do the trick. In it, a reader asks how to dispose of a human torso — of course, because what else would a reader ask? “Choking down a gall bladder does require a greater degree of dedication,” Labash says in his response. Read here.

*WaPo‘s Paul Farhi has the latest on the “fledging” TBD, the red headed step child of Politico. They are taking TBD TV back to its old name, NewsChannel 8. In short, remains, but WJLA will once again get its own website. Erik Wemple will stay in his role as Editor of But oddly, he was cagey on the figures. Writes Farhi, “Wemple said TBD’s visitor traffic in January was the highest in its existence, but he declined to provide figures.” Read here.