Afternoon Lede Check, 3.5.14

From WaPo to WJLA, here are the stories that are leading your homepages today:

The Washington PostU.N. envoy forced to abandon mission to Crimea

The Washington TimesSend in the U.N. monitors, White House pleads with Putin

Washington ExaminerWhite House: Russia has ‘easy way out’ of Ukraine standoff

Washington City PaperWill CityCenterDC Be D.C.’s Rodeo Drive?

USA TodayBad news, kids: SAT to get harder

The HillSenate rejects Obama nominee who helped defend cop killer

POLITICOTo thwart test prep firms,SAT gets makeover

Roll CallSecret Service, D.C. Talking in Wake of Motorcade Traffic Fiasco

National JournalDemocrats Put Clinton at Risk by Dismissing Benghazi Criticism

Daily Caller: ‘CLOSE IT DOWN’: Issa angrily adjourns hearing after Lerner refuses to talk

WTOP: Secret Service admits adding to gridlock

ABC 7: Ex-DC mayor Barry: “I’m a fighter”

NBC 4: Tractor TrailerJackknifes on Inner Loop in Va

CBS 9: Police officer charged with killing girlfriend’s puppy

Fox 5: Marion Barry being released from rehab facility