Afternoon Lede Check – 10.16.14

From WaPo to WJLA, here are the stories that are leading your homepages today, after the jump…

The Washington PostEbola fears fuel school closings in Texas and Ohio

USA TodayApple shares down again

POLITICOCDC director in hot zone at Ebola Hill hearing

The HillClash over Ebola travel ban

Roll Call: A Senate Race Where Democrats Neutralized Obamacare Attacks

Daily Caller: God, Help Him – Arizona Democrat’s Unbelievable Abortion Statement … In A Church!

The Washington Times: See it to believe it: Marine survives sniper shot to head without injury

National JournalWhat Congress Thinks of CDC Director Tom Frieden Right Now

Washington Examiner: Obama authorizes National Guard to fight Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Huffington Post Politics: FLUBBING THE FACTS

WTOP: Ebola patient moving to Maryland

ABC 7: Ebola nurse to be moved from Texas hospital to NIH facility in Bethesda for treatment

NBC 4: Ebola Patient Arriving Tonight for NIH Care

CBS 9: Service member under voluntary Ebola quarantine

Fox 5: Ebola patient from Dallas to be treated at NIH in Bethesda