After Resignation, Respect for Bloomberg Editor Kathy Kiely

"Kathy Kiely walks her talk."

“Wow,” went a good chunk of responses when Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone reported that Bloomberg Politics Washington news director Kathy Kiely had resigned. “The bottom line is,” she told Calderone, “you can’t cover the circus unless you can write about one of the biggest elephants in the room.”

The circus in question is, of course, the 2016 elections, and the big elephant is Michael Bloomberg, who may or may not be running for president but is nevertheless leaving those Bloomberg employees who deal in circus coverage in a reporting quandry. For Kiely, the rules regarding how Bloomberg the news org can cover Bloomberg the man proved too restrictive.

Earlier in the week, Politico described, in what now feels like foreshadowing for today’s events, the guidelines employees in Europe had been given regarding covering the former New York mayor’s renewed flirtation with politics:

Some newsroom staff in Europe on Monday received an e-mail from the media organization’s Standards Team, which oversees editorial quality at Bloomberg, asking them to refrain from writing about the former New York Mayor’s possible candidacy without first consulting with them.

Staff are also asked to refrain from summarizing other media reports about Bloomberg. “Please don’t write or sum anything on Mike Bloomberg’s potential presidential run without speaking to [Senior Executive Editor of Standards at Bloomberg LP] Tim Quinson or someone else on the Standards team,” the e-mail reads in part. “We have a holding story that should cover many eventualities.”

Back to that wow. It’s hard to read into anything on Twitter, but the subtext, taken collectively, was respect:

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