After Months of Struggle, Architecture Firm RMJM Still Unable to Pay Its Hong Kong Employees

Following now three full months of press about angry emails fired off to the whole company by disgruntled employees, staff layoffs and exits by principals, and lawsuit threats by their own subsidiaries, mega-architecture firm RMJM seems to still be having trouble. This despite a financial bailout issued last month to the tune of £8 million. The Scotsman reports that it still hasn’t been able to pay anyone at its office in Hong Kong and not for the whole of March either:

Gordon Hood, managing principal of the Hong Kong office, told staff: “I had hoped that my first e-mail to the studio would contain more positive news, and that, after the month of change and disruption that we have just experienced, management would be able to ensure that March salaries would be paid to all staff on time.

“However, despite a full-time effort, we’ve not been able to secure sufficient funds from our clients to allow us to do so.”

This office, you might recall, was the site of one of those aforementioned mass e-mails, and was also where the local government has threatened to pursue legal action, both in fines and jail time, against CEO Peter Morrison should the company’s employees there not be paid. RMJM told the Scotsman that they hope to be able to hand out paychecks again soon. Elsewhere, ground has just recently been broken in the construction of RMJM’s project to build the Caribbean’s largest resort.