After Months of Controversy, Rose Art Museum Mounts Major Exhibition

Now that we’re in the thick of the battle at Fisk University over their wanting to sell their Georgia O’Keeffe collection to pay their bills, it seems like decades ago that all the talk was the very similar war at Brandeis University last year over the closure of their Rose Art Museum so the school could, like at Fisk, sell its collection to pay down some debts. In the end, the University’s president resigned over the matter and the museum stayed open, collection intact. Following all that trouble, as well as two additional battles this year with three artists refusing to exhibit there thanks to the University’s still-unmoved position that they could possibly sell all their art to pay bills if the need arose, and pop-artist James Rosenquist having to pull out of a show after his studio burnt down, the Rose has finally mounted their first major exhibition. Called “WaterWays,” it’s a collection from 34 different artists from Lichtenstein to de Kooning who use water as an actual physical element or the idea of the wet stuff. Weymouth News files this great report on the exhibition itself and what it means to finally having something up at the bruised museum trying to find its footing again.