After Learning About Beer, It's Time for Chug'd

Alright, that title didn’t quite sound well. What I mean to say is if the Beer Suggest Wiki made you thirst for more beer-related web 2.0ish stuff, here’s another one that pays tribute to the beer we’ve grown to lover, err, drink – Chug’d.

Chug’d is the social beer drinkers virtual hang out. The site was written in Ruby Rails and MySQL and is your typical web 2.0 social site. It offers social networking, RSS feeds, tagging, rating, comments, blog, photos and pretty much other social networking tools. Plus of course it’s most important aspect – beers.

So what can you do at Chug’d? How about raising your mugs and chugs? Find new beers, rate and tage beers that you have chug’d. Find beer buddies and beer events in your are, post and view beer goggle party photos via Chug’d’s social beer network.

Incidentally, if you register for an account or visit the site out of curiosity, be sure to check out the site’s “side bar.” It will make you change the way you look at a site’s sidebar. And yes you can drink while you’re at Chug’d.