After Being In Many Hotels These Past Months, This One Sounds Perfect

Because our regular “pay for us to go to these places” pleas have yet to receive any attention, nor any sizeable checks, ahem, we’re going to add another to the list, in thinking that maybe you’re waiting until we get to some certain number of requested travels before you, our attractive, well-educated readership, cough up the dough. So this time around, we ran into the Hotel Everland, a sort of interactive installation on top of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Germany. Don’t miss the fantastic batch of images, and here’s the quick scoop/translation from bblinks:

Everland is a single-room Hotel with a bathroom deluxe, a king-size bed and a lounge. The bounteous dimensioned room represents the subjective dream of a hotel: the architecture, the playful details, aswell as the request to steal the golden embroidered bath towels. All Everland guests are partaking in the project.

From June 2006 untill August 2007 Hotel Everland placed on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, Germany. During the opening times of the museum, visitors can take a peek at the Hotel.

After closing hours it’s reserved to the happy ones that have booked Hotel Everland for a night.