After 35 Years, ‘Click and Clack’ To End Show

We’re a little devastated about this, because Saturday mornings in Chez MediaJobsDaily are not complete without the ear-shatteringly annoying laughter of “Click” and “Clack,” aka Tom and Ray Magliozzi, aka The Guys Who Have That Show About Cars That Would Probably Be 90% Shorter If They Cut Out The Laughter.

Jim Romenesko posted the release earlier today. We learned that “Car Talk” has been broadcast on NPR member stations for 25 years, and 10 years before that on WBUR in Boston. Tom, the older brother, will turn 75(!) this year, and Ray is 63.

In the statement, Ray said: “My brother has always said, ‘Don’t be afraid of work. Make work afraid of you.’ And he’s done it. Work has successfully avoided him all his life.”

NPR will continue to distribute old episodes so member stations can air reruns if they like. “The work they did five and 10 years ago is just as funny now as it was then,” Eric Nuzum, Vice President for NPR Programming, said in the statement. And the guys will update their website and write their twice-weekly column.

The guys’ admittedly terrible jokes and bantering isn’t for everyone, so some people may be happy to learn that the show’s over, we admit. Either way, after 35 years of doing this, they’ve earned retirement. But again, personally, it’s a bummer. It’s also probably a bummer for the staff, which numbers 11. We’re also afraid that without the business Tom and Ray were sending them, the law firm of Dewey, Cheetham and Howe might go out of business, to say nothing of the brothers’ staff accountant, Candace B. Rittenoff, director of year-end bonuses Holly Unlikely, or poor customer service rep Haywood Jabuzoff.