“Africa Needs You” Asks Celebrity Tweeters To Donate Their Sponsorship Money To Charity

A new charity project is asking celebrities on Twitter to donate the money they earn for sponsored tweets to help fight hunger in Africa.

Africa Needs You” is singling out the big names on Twitter and asking them to do some good.

So, why celebrities? As the project explains:

“Twitter is the quickest and easiest way to get a message out into the world. It’s popularity and openness make it the perfect platform to spread the word of the current famine in East Africa. However, a tweet is only as powerful as the person who tweets it – the larger your following, the more impact your message will have.”

They’re asking those celebrities that get paid big bucks to mention a brand or a product in their tweet, to donate that sponsorship money to Unicef.

But, as they explain, in order to get onto the radar of these high-profile celebrities, they need the general public to help.

The website includes pictures of all of the celebrities who make money from sponsored tweets, hyperlinked to their Twitter accounts. By clicking on the pictures, Twitter users can send each celebrity a pre-written tweet asking them to participate.

Africa Needs You has only raised £305.00 thus far, but they have high hopes. You can help convince the rich and the famous to do some good by visiting their website, or following them on Twitter (@_africaneedsyou).

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