Afraid Of Flying? Don’t Follow This Twitter Handle!

What would you do if you were flying on an airplane and suddenly noticed a small chunk of the plane’s wing was missing?

Well, you’d snap a pic and post it on Twitter, of course! And then it would probably get picked up by Air Crash (@crasharien), “the French site of accidents and incidents worldwide.”

Want to know when an airline is experiencing problems like a blown tire or funny odors or when a person jumps out of a taxiing plane? Then check out @crasharien.

It’s full of load of scary aviation tidbits, like this pic a passenger tweeted showing a piece missing from a wing. It’s okay though, obviously, because the airline techs “know about it.”

Fantastic, hmm?

According to Fox 2, “Alaska Airlines said that a section of the Boeing 737′s wing flap had been repaired prior to the flight according to FAA standards and was safe to fly.

“And before every flight, pilots do a walk around the plane and they kept seeing the section repair and pointing it out, and kept filing a report saying you need to fix it,” said airline spokesman Paul McElroy.

Maintenance workers wrote the note to head off further reports, which was “not the best approach,” McElroy said. “It is not the best way to report an issue, and we have since removed the writing and the flap will go in for a total repair in October.”

So add it to your follow list if you want to terrify yourself and never fly again. Or forget you read this and continue as you were!

(Airplane image from Shutterstock)