Aflac Promotes $1M Grant Match Through Causes on Facebook

Aflac is leveraging its Facebook presence to raise money for the Aflac Cancer Center at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation, using Causes to promote a campaign to match user donations up to $1 million for the pediatric cancer center.

The insurance company already has a solid following behind its Aflac Duck page, which now has a little more than 130,000 fans. Aflac has added a Causes tab to the Duck’s page, and is advertising the grant matching program in its news feeds and wall posts.

Aflac will donate $1 per user that joins the cause. If the user donates $1, Aflac will match it with an additional dollar. The campaign runs through the end of September, with Aflac saying it will donate up to $1 million. So far, more than 20,000 people have joined the cause, and others have donated a total of more than $100,000 dollars so far.

Philanthropic causes tend to drive a good amount of traffic, especially after word starts to spread virally through Facebook and other networks. Aflac should be able to easily meet the goal with time to spare, and spread their brand and cause in the process.