Aflac for Affleck: The Duck Picks Argo for Best Picture

The 85th Academy Awards ceremony airs Sunday night, and all eyes will be on actor/director/Bahstun accent promoter Ben Affleck as his international drama Argo vies for Best Picture (and he tries to get revenge on the Academy for failing to nominate him in the Best Director category).

We have a feeling that Ben is a little tired of strangers approaching him and yelling “Affleck!” in a poor imitation of a certain feathered insurance spokesman. Too bad–we’ve just received word from our sources on the inside that the Aflac duck (sadly no longer voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) has planned a “soup to nuts social media campaign” to promote his “phonetically favorite filmmaker” on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #Aflac4Affleck.

This little stunt is an extension of the “Aflac duck hospitalized” promo campaign; the oddly literate drake tells fans that he will have to watch the ceremony from a hospital bed because he’s “on [his] back with a bad beak” but that he will be pulling for Ben with hopes of “sending out a high-five to [his] hunky homonym.”

We haven’t had the chance to watch the movie, so we can’t say whether we agree with the duck or not. But we can expect his Twitter feed to get a little more interesting on Sunday night.

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