Affect Launches ‘How to’ Series to Share Best Practices and Dispel PR Myths

The people at New York-based B2B firm Affect PR are friends of the site who are always looking for ways to help fellow PR pros in the Big Apple: in 2012 we covered efforts by owner and President Sandra Fathi to provide workspace to area PRs whose offices were knocked out of commission by Hurricane Katrina, and last year the firm’s “New York Intern Project” grew up to become the “New York Job Project.

We were very interested in Affect’s latest project: a series of weekly 90-second “How To” clips aimed at both fellow PRs and potential clients/applicants. Here’s one episode in which Fathi explains “story hijacking” or “newsjacking”:

Today we spoke to Fathi to learn more; Q&A after the jump.

What do you want to accomplish with the series?

Part of it is a lack of easily-digestible content about PR.

There are still many myths and misnomers about how PR is performed, and as much as we want to educate, we also want to dispel those myths.

Do you see it as a way to both educate and market your services?

Yes. It allows prospects to see that this is a smart team that is very open about how we work.

We want to share best practices and thoughts with the industry and those looking to enter the industry. It’s one element of our larger content marketing strategy.

How has the response to the series been so far?

Very positive. People have enjoyed it and we’ve gotten lots of feedback from those who worked with us. A few glitches do exist, primarily that the audio is not as good as it could be and that some topics are too complicated to summarize in 90 seconds.

We have enough content at this point to stretch the series out until June of next year, so it’s a long-term project for us.

What additional topics are you planning to address (additional clips include social media measurement, interview strategies, and more)?

There’s lot of interest around media relations, and we will deal with specifics like broadcast pitches, relations with trade publications, etc. On other hand, social is always relevant: there’s a new platform almost every week and measurement remains a big question.

What inspired the series?

The “30 second MBA” project from Fast Company. It’s quick, easily digestible, and provides great insights in a short period of time.

We’d love to see this become a regular part of a great publication or to cut the content up in a variety of ways for multiple pubs.

Do you encourage other firms to work on projects like this one?

I believe in transparency and sharing best practices. At the end of the day it’s all about execution, and you can’t do it yourself even if you have the secret formula.

It would be terrific if more firms were sharing best practices.

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