’s Top 5 Hot Lists of 2010

Over the years, AdweekMedia has put out its share of hot lists—each painstakingly tackling the ins and outs of the specific industry covered, while ranking media based on a range of different criteria. Certainly, the methodologies have changed with a shifting media landscape, but the top-of-the-line reporting has not.

And so, on the cusp of a new year, we bring you the Top 5 Hot Lists (ahem) list of 2010.

Here they are:

1. Out-of-Home Hot List 2010: As the intro to the report reads: "Most players in the space…are private, small companies [and] startups that didn’t exist a few years ago." OOH was an emerging market in 2010, with a whole lot of potential, before the recession hit. But advertisers are still tapping the OOH market today; if you ever go to the movie theater, you'll know what we're talking about. Kudos go to senior editor Katy Bachman who put together the list.

2. Digital Hot List 2010: The ranked list was compiled by AdweekMedia senior digital editors Brian Morrissey and Mike Shields. Who was ranked No. 1? Hint: It rhymes with Lace Cook. Also, check out the in-depth features, which accompanied the list.

3. Cable Hot List 2010: Each network on the list was assessed in the context of eight (!) categories. So it's safe to say AdweekMedia's editors who worked on the report gave the list more than a simple once-over. You might be surprised at which network tops the list. Take a look.

4. Magazine Hot List 2010: What can we say? AdweekMedia's Mag Hot List is still, quite possibly, the hottest hot list out there. And the most hotly contested, after the fact. But we assure you, the editors that put it together did it with an attention to detail like no other. Don't forget to read all the great features that accompanied this year's report—as well as a fantastic opinion piece by Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter, which showed up on's Top 10 Stories list earlier this week.

5. Magazine Hot List Top 10: We weren't messing around when we said that this report was popular with the AdweekMedia audience. This is just one of eight features in the full report! But it's the one list that's on every magazine exec's radar each year. You can count on that (pun intended).